Murcia, 1979

Freelance photographer Mari Luz Vidal's work varies from commissions to personal projects that address, in a documentary manner, the personal conflicts of humans, with themselves and their environment.

She studied at the School of Arts in Murcia and subsequently graduated in Multimedia and Digital Photography at the UPC in Barcelona.

Her projects range from photo journals workshop she carried out alongisde children from the Sahara entitled Saharan´s gazes, visitors's gazes. The project Beachfront which is still in process, in which she reflects on the complex consciousness of human beings about the construction on the coast and her lastest project Mariona and I with wich she comfronts a personal comfilct with her childhood´s best friend.
Currently she is founding member of Openhouse Project in Barcelona, where they exhibit and share photographic projects in the intimacy of their own home.