Mariona and I is an autobiographical project which deals with an emotional conflict between the best friend of my childhood and myself.
After 16 years without knowing anything about her, I have used this project as a therapy to resolve this conflict.

Our relationship was broken when I left my village to study photography. Since then I have often dreamed about her in my sleep.

Recently I was asked when I was going to say goodbye to her, to close the pain that this gave me.
This was the first time in 16 years that I asked myself to confront this period of my life, to re-live it and to photograph it.

I thought to only photograph the places where we played, but then the idea of photographing our experiences also opened my mind and imagination. Memories returned and with them affection.

I spent 5 days taking pictures of places of my childhood, and suddenly I felt an outbreak of adrenaline rush through my body, memories charged life in front of my camera.

This made me happy, and it was then that I was ready to see her.
We went up to her old room and I took the photo of her.

Now my position has changed, and I feel that I have lived through an experience that I cannot erase, which is part of my persona, yet through this medium, I have been able to frame a whole history that for years I could not verbalise.